Tue 03 Dec 2013 Booked Connie Montgomery (facebook) LATE CANCELLED

Tue 10 Dec 2013 Booked Rebecca Hale (Madcow) NO SHOW

Fri 23 May 2014 Booked Lynette Irvine (facebook) NO SHOW

Thu 20 Nov 2014 Booked Delta Saurus (facebook) NO SHOW

Wed 26 Nov 2014 Booked Jersey Scott (Facebook) NO SHOW

Tue 24 Feb 2015 Booked Ashley Doyle (Facebook) NO SHOW

SAT 12 Sep 2015 Booked Jennifer Clydesdale (direct) NO SHOW

Sun 03 Jan 2016 Booked Syanide Sins (Purpleport) NO SHOW

SAT 09 Jan 2016 Booked LittleVixenNoir (Fetlife) NO SHOW

THU 18 Feb 2016 Booked Ryan Gosling (facebook) NO SHOW

WED 21 Mar 2018 Booked Tinkerbelle1888 (A/P) NO SHOW

MON 04 Mar 2019 Booked Sarahv (MCM) NO SHOW

FRI 24 Jan 2020 Boooked KeeKee I/G  NO SHOW

SAT 25 Jan 2020 Booked KeeKee I/G  NO SHOW

THU 20 Feb 2020 Booked KourtneyM  A/F NO SHOW

SUN 01 Nov 2020 Booked Natasha O'Donnell F/B NO SHOW

I'm often asked what my rates are for a shoot...  My answer is simple: "How much would you spend when buying a car?"  Now that might sound silly, but think about it this way, when your going to buy a car, there are many variables that would dictate how much you spend...   For example, does the car have a roof? - is it damaged? - is it new or second hand? - how big is it etc etc, and all these answers then dictate just how much you are prepared to spend on a car.

So, in short, the same can apply when wanting a photoshoot with me - if you give me all the relevant information, then I can let you know what it is likely to cost.