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I'm often asked what my rates are for a shoot...  My answer is simple: "How much would you spend when buying a car?"  Now that might sound silly, but think about it this way, when your going to buy a car, there are many variables that would dictate how much you spend...   For example, does the car have a roof? - is it damaged? - is it new or second hand? - how big is it etc etc, and all these answers then dictate just how much you are prepared to spend on a car.

So, in short, the same can apply when wanting a photoshoot with me - if you give me all the relevant information, then I can let you know what it is likely to cost.


PLEASE NOTE - I do not as a rule, pay models, UNLESS, I have a client paying me, and then the model would indeed be paid for the shoot.  I AM HOWEVER, HAPPY TO SHOOT ON A PROFIT SHARE BASIS OR "SHOOT FOR A SHOOT" BASIS ETC, FEEL FREE TO DISCUSS MORE WITH ME... 

I can no longer offer "TFP/CD" unless there is something very very special on offer, however, my rates are extremely good value for money. Please enquire for more information, and, i am also open to negotiation. 

TRAVEL EXPENSES: I don't normally expect someone to pay my travel expenses if I'm travelling to a location (unless it's been arranged specially and by prior arrangement, or it's a commercial shoot and travel expenses are part of the arrangement etc etc) - In the same breath, I would not normally pay travel expenses unless it was something that had been arranged previously as part of a commercial venture etc. 


To book a shoot with me, please look below for a suitable GREEN date.

Once you have found a date that suits you, drop me a message to: with your NAME (in full), your full postal address, your telephone number and your email address, along with the date that you require.  As soon as I have this information, I will change the colour from GREEN to BLUE and add your name to the list.

Without the required information, I can not process your booking.

Please note:  I do not pass any personal information out to any third party.


Remember...  I need the following information before any booking can take place.










Once a booking has been made and confirmed, I would expect you to turn up as agreed.  I will not chase to confirm you are coming a week, a day, or an hour beforehand, as a booking on here is enough for me to honour my side of the agreement.



These are irritating at best.  Yes, I agree, emergencies do happen and I can deal with real emergencies in an adult way, but to simply no show me is totally unacceptable (without good reason) and may well result in a fine being imposed for a minimum studio hire booking of £15 per hour - (minimum booking 2 hours=£30) and/or time lost as a result.   Late cancellations with less that 24 hours notice MAY carry a fine, depending on circumstances.

The key here is simple - communicate with me and if you are in any doubt whatsoever, then let me know at the earliest opportunity so that alternative arrangements can be made.  Remember, I will honour my part of the agreement, I would expect nothing less in return.

Due to someone recently complaining that I listed "NO SHOWS" I have amended this site accordingly.    Anyone wishing details of the NO SHOWS, please contact me directly.






Key:  Blue=Booked      Green=Vacant       Red=Possible Problems   Yellow=ASK!




DEC 2019

TUE 03 

SAT 07 
SUN 08 
MON 09 

SAT 14 
SUN 15 

WED 18 
THU 19 

TUE 24

WED 25  

SAT 28 
SUN 29 


JAN 2020

FRI 03 
SAT 04 

TUE 07 
WED 08 
THU 09 
TUE 14 
WED 15 

SUN 19 

FRI 24 BOOKED   NO SHOW (ask for details)
SAT 25 BOOKED   NO SHOW (ask for details)

FRI 31           Holiday

FEB 2020
SAT 01 
SUN 02         Holiday
MON 03        Holiday 
TUE 04         Holiday R
WED 05        Holiday R
THU 06         Holiday 
FRI 07           Holiday 

SAT 08          Holiday 
SUN 09 BOOKED Katrina L (From Scotland)
MON 10         Holiday 
TUE 11           Holiday 
WED 12         Holiday 
THU 13          Holiday 
FRI 14            Holiday  
Final farewell to my oldest cat  :-(
SAT 15           Holiday R
SUN 16 BOOKED Kaiyee (From Scotland) 
MON 17         Holiday 1300 PRU (2 hrs)
TUE 18          Holiday 
WED 19         Holiday R

THU 20 BOOKED NO SHOW (ask for details) 
FRI 21            Holiday

SAT 22  BOOKED Kaiyee (From Scotland) 
SUN 23          Holiday 
MON 24         Holiday R
TUE 25          Holiday R

SAT 29 

MAR 2020


SUN 01  
FRI 06 
SAT 07 

WED 11 BOOKED Sensory Delight Latex
THU 12 
FRI 13 

MON 16 
TUE 17 

FRI 20 Training Weekend

SAT 21 Training Weekend
SUN 22 Training Weekend

MON 23 

FRI 27 
SAT 28 
SUN 29 

APR 2020
THU 02 BOOKED Susan Wright (via website)
FRI 03 

MON 06 
TUE 07 
WED 08 
MON 13 
TUE 14 
SAT 18 
SUN 19 


THU 30 
MAY 2020

FRI 01 
MON 04 
TUE 05 

FRI 08 WW2 show Penrith **

SAT 09 WW2 show Penrith
SUN 10 WW2 Show Penrith
FRI 15 WW2 Show Blyth
SAT 16 WW2 Show Blyth

WED 20 
THU 21 
FRI 22 
MON 25 
TUE 26 
SAT 30 
SUN 31 

JUN 2020

MON 01 R
TUE 02         normandy (travel south)
WED 03        normandy sail out
THU 04         normandy
FRI 05           normandy
SAT 06 R       normandy                
SUN 07 R      normandy               
MON 08         normandy                
TUE 09          normandy
WED 10         normandy
THU 11 R       normandy return
FRI 12 R

MON 15 
TUE 16 
WED 17 
MON 22 
TUE 23 
SAT 27 
SUN 28 
MON 29 

JUL 2020

FRI 03 WW2 Show Yorkshire 

SAT 04 WW2 Show Yorkshire
SUN 05 WW2 Show Yorkshire

WED 08 
THU 09 
TUE 14 
WED 15 

SAT 18 Dumfries Air Museum
SUN 19 Dumfries Air Museum

FRI 24 
SAT 25 

SUN 26 **

TUE 28 monster sisters bring cake birthday day
WED 29 
THU 30 

AUG 2020
TUE 04 
WED 05 
SAT 08 
SUN 09 
FRI 14 
SAT 15 
SUN 16
FRI 21 WW2 Show Cultybraggen
SAT 22 WW2 Show Cultybraggen

SUN 23 WW2 Show Cultybraggen**

TUE 25 
WED 26 
SAT 29 
SUN 30 

SEP 2020

FRI 04 
SAT 05 
SUN 06 
WED 09 
THU 10 
MON 14 
TUE 15 
SAT 19 
SUN 20 

FRI 25 R       spain
SAT 26 R      spain
SUN 27         spain flight out
MON 28        spain
TUE 29         spain
WED 30 R    spain

OCT 2020

THU 01 R     spian
FRI 02 R       spain
SAT 03          spain
SUN 04         spain
MON 05 R     spain
TUE 06 R      spain
WED 07         spain
THU 08          spain
FRI 09            spain
SAT 10 R        spain
SUN 11 R       spain flight back
MON 12         spain

FRI 16 
SAT 17 
SUN 18 
THU 22 
FRI 23 
MON 26 
TUE 27 
WED 28 

NOV 2020

MON 02 
TUE 03 
SAT 07 
SUN 08 
FRI 13 
SAT 14 
SUN 15 
THU 19 
FRI 20 
SAT 21 
SUN 22 
MON 23 
TUE 24 
WED 25 
THU 26 
FRI 27 
SAT 28 
SUN 29 
MON 30 

DEC 2020

TUE 01 
WED 02 
THU 03 
FRI 04 
SAT 05 
SUN 06 
MON 07 
TUE 08 
WED 09 
THU 10 
FRI 11 
SAT 12 
SUN 13 
MON 14 
TUE 15 
WED 16 
THU 17 
FRI 18 
SAT 19 
SUN 20 
MON 21 
TUE 22 
WED 23 
THU 24 
FRI 25 
SAT 26 
SUN 27 
MON 28 
TUE 29 
WED 30 
THU 31 

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